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 What is a specialty pharmacy?
  • Specialty pharmacies are unique in that they offer additional services to patients with chronic illnesses and complex medical conditions.
  • These services range from managing all the administrative aspects with your health plan, educating you about your condition and medication, finding out if there are any financial assistance plans you qualify for, as well as following up with you to ensure your treatment goes as planned.
  • Our team of Doctors in Pharmacy, Pharmacists and Case Managers will always work alongside you, because in the Specialty Pharmacy model, you are an active member of the team.

The three main elements of a Specialty Pharmacy

Managing Complex Cases

Managing Complex Cases

Specialized in Managing Complex Cases

  • At Best Option Healthcare, we put a lot of effort in getting to know you, your condition and your therapy – so we have developed our services around your needs.
  • We work proactively to facilitate processes pertaining to authorizations, follow-ups, communications with physicians and coordination of services, among others, so you don’t have to.
  • This way, we minimize adverse events, guarantee your safety and get you your medication on time, achieving the best results for your health.


By educating you, we take better care of you

  • By educating and preparing a patient or a caregiver, we are preparing the most important member of the team in the path towards better health. Knowledge is power and gives you the tools to identify any possible side effects and manage them, with the confidence that we’re just a call away to help you if you need it.


We keep progress records of your treatment

  • Our sophisticated programs are designed to monitor your progress.
  • We comply with the strictest regulations to ensure that the confidentiality of your information is protected.
  • At the same time, we use your health information to provide the highest quality of service.


Highly efficient operations

  • We make sure that our inventory is fully stocked to guarantee that whatever you need for your treatment is available and ready to be delivered and administered.
  • Our processes are designed to ensure that you or your physician can always receive the medication on time.
  • Our highly skilled personnel has cutting edge equipment and facilities to ensure that specialty medications are always maintained, prepared and delivered in optimum conditions.


We facilitate care

  • As a Specialty Pharmacy, at Best Option Healthcare we make things easier regarding investigation process, including patient benefits and preatuhorizations, to make sure we obtain a fast response.
  • If you’re not able to cover the costs of copays or deductibles, we can help you. We’ll offer you valuable information and help coordinate existing aids through copay programs with manufacturers or foundations, or through non-profit agencies. Learn more here.

How do we work?


We process your prescriptions and refills with the health plan and take care of obtaining authorizations and submitting all required documentation.


We deliver medications to your home, to your physician’s office or go to wherever you need us to go to administer or deliver your treatment.


We are always available to answer your questions and offer you information in regards to how to better manage your treatment and possible side effects.


Our case managers and pharmacists become partners in your care, always treating you with the attention you deserve to offer you high-quality service that adjusts to you and your needs.


We are your partners to ensure that you comply adequately with your therapies.
A team dedicated to your care

Our highly skilled Doctors in Pharmacy, Professional Pharmacists and Case Managers are here to provide service and expert consultation. Our main interest is that you comply with your treatment, as indicated by your physician and our commitment is to guarantee that your medications are available on time so that you can achieve all your health goals.

Attention to detail

We pay special attention to each aspect of your treatment. This includes studying your prescription in depth. If it is necessary, we discuss the treatment plan with your physician to schedule your services. We collect your information and assist you by answering all your questions to make sure you understand the importance of complying with your treatment as indicated. We are your team to achieve the results that you and your physician expect.

Cutting edge equipment and technology

Our equipment meets the highest quality standards. We have obtained several of the most rigorous quality certifications because when we’re talking about your treatment, the best option is what your care demands.