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Program Components:

Specialized Case Coordinators

  • Coordinate RN home visits for infusions and/or monthly clinical assessment.
  • Manage your (patient) treatment agenda (medical appointments, referrals, laboratories, immunizations, etc.) as well as coordinate appointments with all healthcare professionals interacting with patient for regular or follow up visits.

Patient Advocate

  • Financial aid coordination for direct and/or indirect expenses related to your health condition.
  • Benefits coordination with your medical plan (evaluate health insurance coverage).

Registered Nurses (RN)

  • Monthly clinical assessment identifying possible treatment gaps.
  • Monthly on-site patient/caregiver education.
  • Monthly factor inventory review.
  • Monthly follow-up of weight management program, monitoring changes in BMI.
  • Administer therapy depending on patients’ ability to take medication on their own.


  • Carry out a nutritional assessment for all patients who enter the program.
  • Design an individualized nutritional and exercise plan when needed.
  • Upon referral from home infusion nurse (RN), update nutritional and exercise plan.

Clinical Pharmacists

  • Ensure close to dose mix and product availability.
  • Clinical oversight and adherence monitoring post dispensing.
  • Evaluate possible drug interactions given changes in prescription.

Specialty Pharmacy Coordinators

  • Monthly meetings with primary physicians and specialist to share patient status.
  • Identify health plan/physician/patient requirements and incorporate in Specialized Disease Management Programs.

ClinicalResearch Puerto Rico, Inc.

  • For qualifying patients, open protocols are available for: Hemophilia, Cholesterol, Hypertension, Asthma, HIV, Cancer, Vaccines, Hepatitis, Diabetes, among others.

Program Objectives

  • To provide a range of integrated support services targeted at patient care coordination, assay/drug administration, education, and disease management.
  • Incorporation of all areas of patient care in an interdisciplinary approach.
  • Improve condition management.
  • Improve treatment adherence and clinical outcomes.
  • For patients who qualify, we coordinate financial aid, and participation in clinical studies.

Quality guarantee

  • To guarantee your safety when using your medication
  • To prevent adverse health effects using patient safety protocols
  • To improve the clinical results
  • To avoid the abuse and/or underuse of medicines

How does it work?

  • We are a facilitating entity and support agent in the coordination of medical services like medical appointments, laboratories, immunizations, etc.
  • We help you coordinate financial aid, if you qualify.
  • Our graduated nurses visit you monthly for a clinical assessment and medical recommendations.
  • As an added value, we carry out an annual nutritional evaluation and generate an individualized weight management and exercise plan, from a certified doctor in nutrition.
  • We carry out continuous pharmaceutical reviews to prevent interactions between medicines.
  • We send promotional and/or educational material on new products, programs of well-being and relevant information about health condition management.
  • We coordinate medical benefits, for patients with complementary medical insurance.
  • Participation in clinical studies, if you qualify.