Human Professionalism and Warmth

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I thank God every day because Best Option exists. Not only because it’s a great option for long period home health care treatments, but also for having such an asserted selection when it comes to personnel. Both Janice Mercado, the first nurse I came in contact with, as well as Marta Ramos, who cared for my ulcers and lacerations due to allergies, have been wonderful and highly professional. As if that weren’t enough, I’ve also been blessed to have Olga Torres as my nurse during this final stage. She is a person with great human and professional qualities. I’m infinitely grateful for her treatment that has been extremely comprehensive and full of the Lord.

Thank you for taking me in as a patient… and for existing. May our Lord continue blessing you so that Best Option Healthcare continues being the best option for patients.

An eternally thankful and warm hug,


July 5, 2004

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