Adherence: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

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What is adherence??

This happens when you follow your doctor’s instructions and take or administer your medications as instructed. Although it sounds like something simple, studies and reports show that a high percentage of patients don’t take or use their medications as prescribed. This brings an infinite number of challenges for medical care that could be prevented.

It’s extremely important to stick to your treatment. There is strong clinical evidence establishing a direct link between more favorable outcomes and adherence to treatment
Basic Medical Adherence Tips

  • Associate the time you take your medication with other daily activities.
  • Store all your medications in one place.
  • Always take your medications or get your treatment at the same time. This will help you create a habit.

Compliance, or following doctor’s orders, is now referred to as adherence. It’s is a more comprehensive process in which the patient, the doctor and the Specialty Pharmacy form a team to decide, together, what to do and be persistent (without interruption in treatment) in the complete and correct use of your medication. The Specialty Pharmacy is your best partner to help you achieve it.

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