Absolute Confidence of Being in Very Good Hands

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Dear Cuco Ramos, Dr. Morales and Judith Mark:

Last week I completed the intravenous antibiotic treatment offered at my home by your company. This came about as a complication from an operation on my knee where I contracted the pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria, which kept me under treatment for two weeks at the hospital and an additional three weeks at home, receiving intravenous antibiotics.

I’d like to express my deepest gratitude for the excellent service offered by personnel from Best Option Healthcare during my treatment and recuperation. Your availability at all times, especially Ivette, the nursing director; assured me that during these critical times, I was in the best hands.

Additionally, I’d like to highlight the treatment from the nursing personnel that cared for me, in particular Carmen Velázquez. Her professionalism and sound judgment gave me peace of mind. Regardless of my condition and the frailty of my veins in regards to the antibiotic Cipro, she was able to keep me comfortable during the three weeks of treatment, changing the catheter with a precision and care that never caused discomfort. Her enthusiasm, good humor and dedication were essential elements in providing comfort to my critical and frustrating condition. I sent her a card and I used expressions such as “take care of your silk hands” because I know she treats many children.

Wilfredo and Ginette cared for me on two or three occasions, administering my antibiotics. In the short time we spent together I was also able to witness the excellent service they provide.

Your team can’t be better. Once again, thank you.


October 15, 2007

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